An online shop to help those in need

We’re delighted with the positive response to our new online shopping website, Shop No. 23, which launched in May 2020. The website is the 23rd Thames Hospice “shop” and offers a range of exciting gift, clothes are more that are ethically sourced and sustainable. Income generated from all online sales will directly help us continue to provide the vital care and support patients and families facing a terminal illness urgently need.


£20 can buy protective clothing for a nurse
£50 can pay for one day of cleaning and laundry at the Hospice
£80 can pay for one hour of specialist medical care for a patient
£100 can pay for a Nurse to provide one afternoon of care for a patient self-isolating and in need at their home


Holdsworth Luxury Hand Made Union Jack Box Chocolates 200g (£12.15 per box)

A highlight amongst the new products are the luxury handmade chocolate boxes by Holdsworth,  family-owned British chocolatiers. By purchasing two boxes of the below chocolates (£12.15 per box), you could help pay for two Health Care Assistants to help a patient bathe and wash their hair, something they might not have been able to do for a long time. There are many other items, including bubble baths, wraps and jewellery, perfect for gifts and treating yourself.


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