ANNOUNCEMENT: £2.3 million raised!

Lake views revealed: An update from our new hospice

Our fantastic film crew, Blackrock Pictures, were at our new hospice last week capturing some amazing footage of the latest progress on site. 

As you can see from the short film above, the large mounds of soil which were surrounding the hospice have now been removed and redistributed around site, opening up the spectacular view onto Bray Lake from The Sanctuary. The visitors car park is almost complete, lighting has been installed and various trees have been planted. The next phase of development is now underway as landscape of the gardens begins ready for planting the trees, shrubs and flowers. If you look closely enough you will also spot the beginnings of a pathway making its way around the building. These pathways have been specially designed to allow wheelchair users easy access around the gardens.

We still need your support to finish the building of our new hospice and to grow our beautiful gardens. If you can help us, please click the donate button below.