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Hospice stories

The remarkable people we welcome through our doors are all part of our local community. This section is dedicated to their stories - who they are and how hospice care has helped them to live with dignity at life's most difficult time.

  • Graham & Jenny's story

    “It’s the love and affection above anything else that makes Thames Hospice so special.”

  • Gina's story

    "Here you have dignity and respect of life."

  • Lisa's story

    "I can’t imagine what life would be like without Thames Hospice"

  • Selina & Gary's story

    "We've got this!"

  • Ian's story

    “I count down the weeks until I can come to day therapy again."

  • Maggie's story

    "It’s the amazing care that gets you through this"

  • Mo's story

    "The emotional support I received has helped me find hope again"