Five minutes with Thames Hospice supporter Brian Bence

It is thanks to the loyal and ongoing support from our supporters that our dream of a new larger hospice has become a reality, where we will be able to care for even more local families for generations to come.

One of our most loyal supporters, Brian Bence and former Trustee of The Paul Bevan Foundation,  has been supporting us for more than 20 years. Brian recently spoke to us about his support and what the new hospice means to him and the local community:

"I am over 70 and have lived in Ascot for more than 40 years. I have been involved in the local community over this time through Ascot Round Table, Ascot 41 Club and All Saints’ Church Ascot. I like to keep active by playing golf, cycling, horse riding and walking and I have recently acquired a kayak to explore the Thames and local lakes and will be viewing the new hospice from Bray Lake.

"I retired early from a career in the computer industry and was asked to become a Trustee of the Paul Bevan Day Hospice in 2000. I was a Trustee for 11 years which included the merger with Thames Valley Hospice and stood down in 2011. I have continued to be a keen supporter of the Hospice and was particularly eager to support the building of the new hospice. The Hospice’s services have been limited by the current building and this new project presents an amazing opportunity to expand services in a spectacular new location with a purpose designed building.

"I have visited the new hospice site on several occasions and I look forward to seeing the completed building in its landscaped setting. I think end of life care is a vital service for the community which the NHS is not ideally set up to provide. Most people would prefer to die in their own home but if this is not possible the Hospice can provide a suitable alternative with the flexibility to move in and out of your own home with professional support.

"Most people are not aware of the need for end of life care until a friend or relative reaches that point in their life when this service is necessary. At this point it is rewarding to find this essential service is right here in your locality. Thames Hospice is there to be discovered by the family who are needing this extra support at a difficult time.

"Following my wife’s death in 2018 it was necessary to make a new will. While considering what charitable donations I should include an advisor asked me the question – “have you considered donating in your own lifetime”. This inspired me to make a worthwhile donation towards the new building knowing that this would involve me more directly in the project and having the benefit of seeing the finished result.

"I would urge others to find out more about the services the Hospice can provide and support them financially. You will be better informed and confident that the services are there for you or a relative when it is needed.

"I think the Hospice staff do an amazing job helping others. There is a wonderful positive atmosphere at Pine Lodge which I am confident will be even stronger in the new building. I cannot wait to visit when the new building is up and buzzing!"

If you would like to support us as we complete the building of our new hospice, please click the orange button below.