The beginning of February marks Dignity Action Day (1st February 2020); Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week (3rd to 9th February 2020) and Time to Talk Day (6th February 2020). Find out more about how Thames Hospice has been marking these dates below.

Dignity Action Day: 1st February 2020
The 1st February marked Dignity Action Day: a day that reminds us of the dignity at the heart of care services. We celebrated the day last week on our Day Therapy Unit. Patients enjoyed cupcakes and crafts, whilst our Dignity Champion Sister Anne spoke to them about dignity.

The day was a great success, with many more of our staff joining Anne in becoming champions, just like our lovely Day Therapy Team (pictured).


Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week: 3rd – 9th February 2020
3rd to the 9th February 2020 is Children's Mental Health Week: the week highlights the importance of children and young people’s mental health.

The serious illness or death of a parent or loved one can be devastating for children and young people, and brings multiple challenges into their lives. At Thames Hospice we have a Children and Family Support Team who are dedicated to supporting children and families who are referred to us.

As part of their support, the team use a range of items to help children and teenagers understand their feelings. Puppets are used by younger children to talk about their feelings and books are read across all age groups, to understand the stages of grief and manage anxiety.

Below, you can see our fantastic members of the Children and Family Support Team with some of the books, toys and crafts we use to help children explore their feelings.


Time To Talk Day

Time To Talk Day on the 6th February encourages people to talk about mental health. Thames Hospice offers counselling to those managing loss and life limiting illnesses (in 2018 we provided over 1,700 counselling and emotional support sessions to our patients and their loved ones). We also run two bereavement groups ‘First Steps’ and ‘Stepping Stones’ for those dealing with the loss of a loved one; in these groups, people meet others who have been bereaved, talk together and are mutually supported in a friendly setting.

Last year Stevie spoke to us about how we supported her following the the death of her husband Lou at Thames Hospice in December 2018.  Find out more about Stevie’s story by clicking the video below.

To find out more about Time To Talk Day, please visit the website here.