Children's Art Week 2020

Children's Art Week is an annual celebration, this year celebrated over three weeks from 29 June - 19 July 2020. Each week had a different theme:The Natural World, Connecting Across Generations and Creative Writing and Literacy.

Our Children and Family Support Team, comprised of Sonia and Heidi, support children and young people whose parent or close relative has a life-limiting condition, and in time will require palliative care at the Hospice and within the community.

The death of a parent can be a very traumatic event for a child or young adult. Each child will have a unique reaction to their situation and loss, and require a very individual, safe support plan. The team use a variety of mediums to support children, providing a comfortable and secure environment to talk about their feelings. Creative arts such as drawing, modelling, painting and storytelling enable children and young people to have a creative outlet, and help them to express and explore their grief. With the skilful use of creative arts, children and young people can start to share their thoughts in new ways, make sense of their feelings and fears, and look forward with hope to a positive future with special lasting memories.

Over the three weeks we shared some stories from our Children and Family Support Team about the children and young adults we are supporting, pictured below. You can watch all the films over on our Youtube channel in our dedicated playlist. Click here to watch.

For further information about our Children and Family Support Team, please click here.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about emotional support for a child or young person, please call 01753 842121.