5 minutes with CEO Debbie Raven

We spent 5 minutes with Thames Hospice CEO Debbie Raven to talk all about the move to our new hospice.


What will you miss about the current hospice?

The emotional attachment most of all. By the time we move, I will have been here for 7 years. When I joined Thames Hospice, I felt I finally found my niche. I remember my Dad saying ‘You’re like a round peg in a round hole finally!’. So, I will really miss Pine Lodge from that perspective, because it has been my sanctuary and I’ve loved working here.


What are you most excited about with the move to Bray Lake?

I’m most excited about the fact we will be able to give our patients what they really need, especially for Day Therapy Services. We won’t have to cram these services into The Sanctuary which often means that our inpatients and their families can’t use it. Our patients and their relatives will have the space they need and deserve.


Do you think this new chapter for Thames Hospice will change your culture?

I am certain we won’t lose our amazing culture and the values we proudly stand for because it’s the people who make Thames Hospice what it is, not the building. As long as we have that core underpinned by our values, new staff joining us will adopt those as well.


What is the best thing about the new hospice?

Space. It already feels serene, calming and a building that breathes. In the new site there will be so much more space to reflect and just to be. I think that will be a huge benefit, and of course that beautiful lake view! The new environment will be extremely beneficial for everyone’s well-being – patients, families, staff and volunteers alike.