Meet Craig Williams, our amazing Site Manager

Craig Williams from Andrew Scott is the site manager at our new hospice, overseeing the whole building project from start to finish. We took 5 minutes out of Craig's busy schedule to talk all about our new hospice build:


Is this your first hospice build?

This is the first hospice build I have personally been involved in but it’s Andrew Scott’s fourth hospice build project.

What is a typical day on site for the team?

At the moment six of us stay over on site, which is normal for a job when you’re working away from home. I am at my desk most days by 6.30am and finish between 7 and 8pm to make sure everything is okay. The same goes for the team. We work long hours to make sure good progress is being made and the building is on schedule.

How are you finding the hospice project overall, and how does it compare with others?

The project is going very well and the hospice has gone up very quickly. This is one of the larger builds we have been fortunate enough to be involved in. It is both exciting and challenging to be managing a project from start to finish on new land, rather than an extension to a hospice facility.

What do you think is unique to this build?

Without a doubt it’s the beautiful location. There won’t be many hospices in the UK with a view looking out over something as stunning as Bray Lake. The building itself is very bespoke. In comparison to other projects, it is quite unique in understanding the complex needs of those who will be using the hospice.

What has been the most challenging aspect for you?

The amount of interactions there has been with the design has been challenging, but it's going to look fantastic. It is going to be one of the best looking buildings I have been involved with.

It will be something we will all step back from at the end and be very proud of how it looks and how it has been put together.

What for you personally has been the best element of this project?

I think it has to be working with everyone Thames Hospice, they are so driven to get the building spot on. The new hospice you will have for your local community will be awe-inspiring.

What do you think will be the biggest difference to our patients and their families?

The modernisation of the building and the sheer amount of space compared to the current hospice building. The nurses I have met during staff site visits are all very excited about moving to the new hospice and providing an even higher level of care because of the incredible space they will have to support patients and families.

Where will be the best view for our patients and families?

Patients and their families in the Kingfisher wing on the Inpatient Unit will have the best view facing the lake. But the landscaping around the entire eight acre site will mean that everyone will have a brilliant view where ever they are at the hospice.